Limited Warranty for INTEGRA


Scope of Warranty: 

From the date of sale for the respective periods specified below, AVALON agrees to repair, at its sole expense, all INTEGRA products purchased directly from an Authorized Dealer, which are defective in material and/or workmanship. 


Models covered by a 36 Month (3 Year) Warranty


  • DHC-80.6
  • DTA-70.1
  • DTM-40.7
  • DTM-40.4
  • DTR-70.6
  • DTR-70.4 
  • DTR-60.7
  • DTR-50.7
  • DRX-3
  • DRX-4
  • DRX-5
  • DRX-7
  • DRX-R1


Models covered by a 24 Month (2 Year) Warranty


  • CDC-3.4
  • DTR-30.6
  • DTR-30.7 
  • DTR-40.6
  • DTR-40.7 



NOTE: If your INTEGRA is not listed above please email via our CONTACT PAGE-Include product details and we will advise if we can provide support. 


Limitations & Exclusions 


Defects or damage caused by accident, fire, flood, lightning or 'acts of God'.

Defects or damage due to abuse, negligence or failure to observe instructions contained in the manual.


Damage caused during shipment or handling.


Products purchased from anyone other than an Authorized Dealer.


Products that have had their serial numbers altered or removed.


Products altered or repaired by anyone other than an authorized service agent.


Accessories attached to INTEGRA products, such as antennas, batteries, cables, etc.


Performance issues encountered if the product is connected to Third Party components or systems. 

Performance issues encountered if the product is configured to operate as part of a Third Party system.


When Avalon or Integra is not involved in or part of an installed system where the product is working with Third Paty products, we can only provide Warranty Support to the products specification level.  

Parts which have prescribed useful lives dependent upon degree of use, eg: capacitors, batteries, fuses etc.


Installation and removal of parts.


Maintenance, cleaning or periodic check-ups.


Adjustments or alterations required for compatibility with conditions pertaining to foreign countries.


Warranty is valid only within the territory of New Zealand


NOT VALID for Products used for commercial applications


INTEGRA products are intended for consumer use and not designed for continuous or commercial use. 

In the event of commercial or continuous use the warranty period is limited to 90 days.