KEF Ultra Thin Bezel 8' Rectangular

Model: CI200CL
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KEF Ultra Thin Bezel 8'' Rectangular In Wall Speaker. Asymmetrical tweeter island for wide off-axis repsonse. 25mm aluminium dome tweeter & tangerine waveguide.200mm extended response bass driver.

The exceptionally stylish Ci200CL rectangular loudspeaker's narrow rim allows for flawless integration into your wall or ceiling.


Featuring the KEF's unique asymmetrical tweeter island, this configuration reduces high-frequency diffraction and aligns the off-axis power response of the tweeter and woofer to make the speaker almost as placement friendly as Uni-Q. Combining impeccable sound quality with the elegant ultra-thin bezel (UTB), the Ci-C Series range is part of how to "Hide your speakers, not your sound."

Fast and Easy to Install

KEF's Ci loudspeaker design makes them so quick and easy to install that once the wire is run and the hole is cut in your wall or ceiling you can be listening to music in less than two minutes.