KEF Ultra Thin Bezel 6.5'

Model: CI160CR
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KEF Ultra Thin Bezel 6.5'' In Ceiling Speaker. Asymmetrical tweeter island for wide off-axis repsonse. 19mm aluminium dome tweeter & tangerine waveguide.160mm extended response bass driver.

Stylish and thin, the Ci160CR in-ceiling round speaker features an impressively narrow rim around that provides near-seamless integration into your ceiling. The Ci160CR features a 160mm (6.5in.) drive unit with an asymmetrical tweeter island for a wide off-axis audio response.
Featuring the KEF's unique asymmetrical tweeter island, this configuration reduces high-frequency diffraction and aligns the off-axis power response of the tweeter and woofer to make the speaker almost as placement friendly as Uni-Q. Combining impeccable sound quality with the elegant ultra-thin bezel (UTB), the Ci-C Series range is part of how to "Hide your speakers, not your sound."

Key Features

  • UTB™ Ultra Thin Bezel
  • Asymmetrical tweeter island for wide off-axis response
  • 19mm (0.75in.) Aluminium dome tweeter and 'tangerine' waveguide
  • 160mm (6.5in.) extended response bass driver